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Trading FAQ

1.What is the Coinhoho Global Remittance platform?

The Coinhoho Global Remittance platform allows users to directly use digital assets to quickly trade with currencies from various countries.

2. Is the quotation of the Coinhoho Global Remittance platform fixed?

The transaction exchange rate displayed on the Coinhoho Global Remittance platform changes based on real-time market fluctuations.

3. Is it possible to conduct transactions without identity authentication?

All Coinhoho users need to abide by the laws and regulations of the local country and region, and complete identity authentication before conducting transactions to ensure the smooth progress of subsequent services and operations of the product.

4. Are there transaction limits for Coinhoho instant transfer transactions?

Currently, there is no fixed upper limit for the number of transactions and amount of Coinhoho's quick transfer transactions. If you need to conduct large-amount transactions, you can choose to conduct the transactions in multiple transactions, or contact customer service to apply for processing.

5.What payment methods are supported?

Currently supported payment methods include Alipay, WeChat Pay, bank transfer, POLI payment, PayID, etc. We will continue to work hard to expand and support more payment methods to enhance your transaction experience.

6. Does Coinhoho Global Remittance ensure the privacy and security of users?

We always put respecting and protecting users' privacy and asset security as the top priority of our services. The private data submitted by users will be encrypted and will never be shared with third parties. Digital assets stored by users are also securely isolated to ensure their safety.

7. What preparations need to be made to purchase digital assets?

To purchase digital assets, you need to complete personal identity authentication (choose one of three ID cards, passports, and driver's licenses), and prepare proof of your payment method for the past 30 days, etc.

8. What preparations need to be made to sell digital assets?

Selling digital assets requires perfecting personal identity authentication (choose one of three ID cards, passports, and driver's licenses), and preparing payment methods related to personal authentication.

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