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What is T+1 Withdrawal Limit

The T+1 withdrawal limit is a withdrawal strategy where "T" represents the trading day, and "1" indicates the need to wait for one trading day. This strategy aims to enhance the security of trading accounts, prevent the influx of illegal funds, reduce the risk of money laundering, and minimize the risk of bank account freezing.

For example, suppose you have 1000 USDT in your wallet account and purchased 2000 USDT through a quick exchange. Under the T+1 withdrawal limit, the maximum amount you can withdraw within 24 hours is 1000 USDT, and the remaining 2000 USDT can be withdrawn after waiting for one trading day.

This strategy helps protect the security of user funds and assists trading platforms in reducing potential misconduct, such as money laundering activities. Please note that specific withdrawal limits and waiting times may vary based on the policies and regulatory requirements of the trading platform.

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