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User Trading Rules

All users must adhere to anti-money laundering principles:

  1. Users must strictly follow the platform's real-name authentication requirements for user identity and accounts, ensuring that the accounts used on the platform are legitimately registered and used by the account holder.

  2. When triggering the platform's anti-money laundering risk control alerts, users should actively cooperate with anti-money laundering verification and provide the necessary risk control evidence.

  3. Users who trigger anti-money laundering risk control alerts and do not cooperate with the platform's anti-money laundering verification may have their account functions restricted either entirely or partially.

Buying Coin Guidelines:

  1. Choose a payment method supported by the seller, complete the payment within the specified time on the order page, and click "I have paid" after payment.

  2. Use only payment methods that are real-name verified unless agreed upon by the seller; the platform does not support non-real-name payments unless agreed upon by the seller.

  3. Unless otherwise specified in the trading terms, payment service provider fees should be borne by the buyer. The buyer should ensure that the total amount received by the seller matches the amount specified in the trading terms or the order.

  4. Do not click "I have paid" unless you have completed the payment, as doing so without payment may lead to restrictions on your account functions.

  5. Unless agreed upon through the built-in chat before the transaction, the buyer is responsible for all fees charged by the payment account, and the seller is responsible for fees charged by the receiving account.

  6. Choose a real-time payment method, and for transfers exceeding 50,000 HKD, split payments to ensure timely processing. If choosing a non-real-time payment method, obtain the seller's agreement beforehand.

  7. Do not include sensitive terms such as BTC, digital currency, or buying coins in the payment remarks.

  8. If the seller does not release the funds immediately after you have completed the transfer and clicked "I have paid," you can inquire through the built-in chat or file a complaint. If your actions comply with the platform's rules and you provide relevant legal evidence, we will promptly handle the situation and determine the assets belong to you.

Selling Coin Guidelines:

  1. The seller's payment account information must match the real-name authentication information on the platform.

  2. The platform will automatically release the funds once the full payment is received from the buyer.

  3. Sellers cannot cancel orders without the buyer's consent.

  4. Sellers cannot dispute the price of an already created order without the buyer's consent.

  5. In the case of unfinished orders or disputes with the buyer, the seller should submit a complaint and remain available for communication.

Risk Warning and Disclaimer:

  1. You fully understand the high risks associated with trading, including but not limited to the significant volatility of digital assets, high credit risk of trading counterparts, and higher compliance risks in fiat currency transactions.

  2. You have sufficient investment knowledge and experience, possess the ability to bear trading risks independently, and agree to bear all risks arising from investment transactions independently.

  3. Before engaging in trading, you have read and understood all the contents of these rules, terms of use, and relevant platform rules, consulted with relevant professionals, and decided whether and how to complete the transaction based on their advice and your reasonable judgment.

  4. Under the trading arrangement, the platform is not the actual trading party. Therefore, any disputes between users arising from transactions are unrelated to the platform. The platform has the right but not the obligation to assume dispute resolution functions, and it is not obligated to assume any physical obligations or liabilities (including but not limited to compensation liability) to any party.

  5. You agree and authorize the platform to decide independently to take various reasonable measures (including but not limited to canceling transactions under specific circumstances, restricting account functions, etc.) to protect your, the platform's, and other users' legal rights.

  6. You agree that if your losses occur during trading or using services under these rules for reasons other than the platform's intentional or gross negligence, including but not limited to hacking attacks, power outages, or unavoidable technical failures, the platform is not liable to the maximum extent permitted by law.

  7. In the event of the following circumstances, the platform reserves the right to restrict, suspend, or ban your account or access to the platform without notice:

    ①. The platform has reasonable grounds to suspect that you have violated the rules or may be violating the rules;

    ②. We believe it is necessary to protect other users from danger or property loss. If we exercise the right to restrict or refuse your use of the service, we will not be liable for any consequences, including any delays, damages, or inconveniences that may result from our failure to provide access to the service;

    ③. If we determine that your use of the platform in any way may have an adverse impact on the use of our services by other users;

    ④. Discovery of violations, such as using obscene language, insults, extortion, harassment, threats, or other actions that infringe or attempt to infringe on the legitimate rights of other users, including intellectual property rights such as privacy rights and image rights, as well as collecting personal information of other users for the purpose of spreading or conducting personal attacks on the Internet.

In these cases, the platform reserves the right to take necessary measures to protect the interests of users and the platform. Users should comply with platform rules and terms of use to ensure that their actions do not trigger these restrictions or bans. The platform may take these measures when necessary to maintain order and user safety.

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